Who Are We?


Welcome to the Australian Fraud and Anti-Corruption Academy

At the Australian Fraud and Anti-Corruption Academy (AFCA), we are dedicated to empowering professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to combat fraud and corruption in today’s complex digital landscape. Established as a premier institution, AFCA offers cutting-edge training and resources in digital forensics, cyber security, fraud and anti-corruption and ethical practices. Operating internationally, we have the experience and ability to develop your capability to operate in this digital environment safely without losing sight of your people.

Our team comprises industry experts, seasoned practitioners, and academic leaders committed to delivering world-class education and practical insights. With a focus on real-world applications, our programs are designed to equip you with the tools to effectively manage and mitigate risks in your organisation.

Join us at AFCA and become part of a community that stands at the forefront of fraud prevention and ethical leadership. Together, we can build a safer, more transparent world.

Our People

Michael Callan


Michael Callan has had 38 years in the Australian Commonwealth public sector, starting with 20 years in Defence as a military officer, followed by stints as an Australian Public Servant in several major departments. His roles have spanned strategic human resource management, public health policy, business management, major capability projects, integrity, governance and human services provision. Michael holds a Masters of Arts (Anti-Corruption Studies) from the International Anti- Corruption Academy, a United Nations initiative. He also holds a Masters of Human Resource Management and a Bachelor of Social Science. He is also the owner of the Australian Fraud and Anti-Corruption Academy as well as Black Mouse Consulting.

Brian Peisley


Brian Peisley has had 43 years as a Public Servant in the Australian Commonwealth Public Sector, with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). During this time Brian was a Divisional Returning Officer (15 Years’ service) and an Operations Manager (Executive Level 1 Officer) for over 10 years. Brian assisted the South African Government in developing its electoral return capability, working in South Africa. Brian holds a Master of Public Administration (Majoring in Electoral Governance and Public Administration), certificates in Training & Assessment and auditing.

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