Services are available to investigate businesses for fraud, corruption and breaches within an organisation. Contact us to discuss your options.

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Is Your Business At Risk?

If you’ve suspect you’ve been defrauded, robbed or spied on,  AFCA provides two services for business owners and managers who need answers into fraud and corruption within the workplace. 

  1. As part of our ‘Investigation Services’ we take a deep probe into corporate fraud and corruption.
  2. AFCA’s ‘Electronic Forensics on Demand’ identifies, captures and record breaches within your organisation.

After having completed our investigations we analyse the collected data and provide the client with a court-admissible report.

Investigation Services

What do you do when the worst happens? What would your answer be when you find you have been defrauded or one of your team has engaged in a corrupt act?

While calling the police is the right answer, you still need to know what happened and how the event occurred. There may be others involved whose accountability needs to be determined, and systems that need to be changed or enhanced. While the police will chase the criminal, they will not provide you with the detailed answers as to how it happened.

AFCA has a strong and experienced team of investigators who can conduct investigations into fraud, corruption/collusion, probity, and misconduct. They will not only determine who should be held to account but also how your systems can be enhanced to ensure it does not happen again.

Electronic Forensics On Demand

AFCA can also provide electronic forensic services on demand for your business with a response team that can support you when you have had a breach of any sort in your cyber systems.

AFCA can:

  • Identify the range of different sources of electronically stored information relevant to your situation.
  • Capture electronically stored information in a forensics sound manner.
  • Prepare reports and statements, as well as give evidence in court.
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