The AFCA Expert Witness Course has been designed for professionals who wish to provide expert evidence in court. This course is based on the Australian Federal Court procedural rules for expert testimony and is specifically tailored for witnesses who will be providing testimony on electronic evidence.  From learning how to give evidence ‘on the stand’ as an expert to working with other experts in a Conference of Experts and Joint-report situation. This course will ensure you can prove the forensic soundness of your work, and provide confidence for the court of the acceptance of your evidence.

Course Content

This qualification has been designed to provide a package of a defined range of competencies reflecting the workplace responsibilities to present expert evidence in court. No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.  The Electronic Forensics: Expert Witness Course is comprised of two units of competency leading to a statement of attainment These have been carefully selected to ensure that they meet industry needs.

Course Units

DEFFOR009 Give evidence of electronic media crime

PSPLEGN401A – Encourage compliance with legislation in the public sector

Course Details

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Course Duration

This Qualification is to be delivered via three months of structured and non-structured training with the
minimum hours for all learning to be completed as follows:

Theory (80 Hours): 80 hours of study with 35 hours of examination
Practical (20 hours): 10 hours of face to face training with 10 hours of practical assessment

The total time commitment is 135 hours.

Course Fees

Your total investment for the Electronic Forensics: Expert Witness Course is AUD$790.00. Call our office to discuss a payment plan that suits you best.


There are no prerequisites for entry into this qualification.
Our training is open and responsive to all people irrespective of age, gender, cultural or ethnic
background, disability, sexuality, unemployment, imprisonment or remote location.
When considering enrolling in any training, it is important that you understand your status within each of
the available enrolment types.

If you are seeking to enrol you must be either:

  • Australian citizen;
  • Permanent resident;
  • Humanitarian visa holder;
  • New Zealand citizen; or
  • Hold a Visitor, Work or Business Visa which has study provisions (can only study for the period allowed on your Visa)

These are likely to be new learners:

  • Those wishing to undertake a full qualification to gain further employment in the sector;
  • Those wishing to advance their career in the sector;
  • Those wishing to upskill or refresh their knowledge after time in the industry; and
  • Those updating a previous qualification to maintain currency.
Qualifications Issued

Statement of Attainment – Electronic Forensics: Expert Witness

Delivery Mode

This qualification will be delivered online at a pace best suited to the student.

Recognition Of Prior Learning

You may be eligible to gain status for previous industry experience, studies in other courses or from other training providers.

If you fit in this category enquire about RPL/RCC or credit transfers which could significantly shorten your study requirements. Find out more on the RPL page of this website.


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