Scenario Details:

You have been assigned to a corruption case in Western Australia.  You will find in the resource section, the following information:

  1. Background Brief
  2. Search Warrant

Ensure you download these resources from Lesson 3 to assist you to complete the assignment.


You are to read the scenario and using the outline in attachment 3 of the AFCA manual complete a detailed investigation plan with:

  • Constraints created by the warrant
  • A detailed case chronology
  • A detailed list of internal data you may want to capture from WAADR
  • A witness list
  • Which Corruption scheme do you assess this to be
  • The proofs for that scheme
  • What international laws or conventions have been broken

Treat this as though you are the lead investigator, and focus on how you would approach the task.

I, as the Senior Investigating Officer expect to see you have considered the overall picture, and all the constraints. Of interest to me is the case chronology so pay particular attention to that and make sure you update it as you are provided further evidence.

I would like you to also think carefully about how much data you will need and where you might find it.

The plan and its attachments is to be no more than 2,000 words. Included in the plan is to be a terms of reference and a request to undertake the investigation.


Michael Callan

Senior Investigating Officer