Scenario Details:

WA Police have released you back to the AFP.  You are now going to review all the evidence that has been provided to you by the WAADR.


You are to evidence and complete a report outlining your findings from the evidence. What I keenly looking for is evidence that links to the proofs you determined in your investigation plan.

You will find the evidence in Lesson 4 resources as a Zip file. There is a lot, go through it carefully

Treat this as though you are the lead investigator, and focus on how you would approach the task.

I, as the Senior Investigating Officer expect to see you have considered the overall picture, and all the evidence. Of interest to me is the case chronology so pay particular attention to that and make sure you update it as you are provided further evidence.

The report is to be no more than 1,000 words and would be best delivered in tabular form.



Michael Callan

Senior Investigating Officer