Scenario Details:

You are now going to interview Ms Jo Smith.


You are to develop an interview plan, and organise an interview with Ms Jo Smith. This is to be done via Zoom or Skype. You must be able to see Ms Smith’s face and demeanour.

You are to ask questions of Ms Smith and follow the PEACE interview technique.  At the end of the interview, you will be debriefed by the assessor.

Post the interview you will provide a transcript from the interview, along with your interview plan. These are to be downloaded as one single document

You will be assessed on the adherence to the PEACE model, how well you gather information and interact with the witness.


You are to use a voice recorder, either a mobile phone or a proper voice recorder.  You may not record the Zoom or Skype meeting.  This will be recorded by the assessor.

Treat this as though you are the lead investigator, and focus on how you would approach the task.




Michael Callan

Senior Investigating Officer