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The Fat Leonard Case: A Cautionary Tale for Anti-Corruption Investigators

The recent overturning of the convictions of four officers in the Fat Leonard scandal, as reported by The Washington Post, has set the stage for an important discourse about the credibility of investigative services. At its core, the Fat Leonard case exemplifies the...

The Synergy of Integrity and Efficiency: Fostering Productivity Through Ethical Workplaces

In today's interconnected business landscape, the concept of integrity has transcended from being a moral imperative to a crucial component of sustainable success. While the impact of integrity on businesses has long been acknowledged, its correlation with efficiency...

Ethics and Fraud Awareness

Are you intending to seek an Australian government grant? Are you aware that grant agreements can have a supplementary clause that requires you to have a functioning fraud control and investigation system? Did you also know that in some cases your insurance company...


Let’s be very clear about what occurred in the Robo-Debt saga here in Australia. This was an act of an institutionally corrupt agency within the Australian government. Robo-Debt was a government scheme determined to claw back millions in overpaid benefits to ordinary...

Cyber security: Strategies for small business that don’t break the bank!

Protect your small business and client data with simple, effective cyber security strategies without breaking the bank.

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